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This 50-minute film follows Andrea Bemis and family as they meet seven producers from the Oregon coast to Oregon ranching country during her month-long commitment to eating foods grown or harvested within 200 miles of Parkdale, OR.

A documentary film about food, connections and finding home.
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What would it look like to eat food from a 200 mile radius of where you live? That was the basic question that started this whole thing. 


I'm a farmer, a home cook and cookbook author. My husband Taylor and I (plus dogs Henry and Stoney) farm six acres below Oregon's Mt. Hood. We sell at the Hood River farmer's market, to local restaurants and to over 80 CSA members between the farm and Portland, 70 miles away.


The farm is where my heart is. It's exhausting, inspiring, calming, nerve-wracking, beautiful and terrifying. At this point I can't imagine another life.


But I can imagine a bigger sense of home. This film is about more than just an experiment to eat locally for a month. It's about reducing our dependance on outsourced ingredients, revitalizing ourselves and our economies, and discovering local landscapes and the people who grow/produce our food. You can't put a face to your food if you stay on your own farm all day!




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